Financial Management

Weekly meetings with our Board Treasurers and our easy to read, timely, and accurate reports help to keep Associations with a positive financial picture.

  • Attend monthly meetings with Association’s Board of Directors to address the Board’s financial issues

  • Collect assessments and mail out late notices. Delinquencies will be tracked on our QuickBooks Software and given to Board of Directors

  • Deposit assessments and all incoming checks into local bank account

  • Manage and validate invoices sent to the Association for accuracy

  • Pay all bills, perform all check writing and bookkeeping for Association

  • Process all payroll for all in house employees

  • Meet weekly with Treasurer or financial designee

  • Unlimited telephone conferences and e-mail correspondence with Association’s Board of Directors and owners regarding financial matters

  • Assist with proposed operating and annual budget for approval and adoption by the board

  • Prepare monthly financial statements and reports for delivery to Board, with complete and accurate reconciled accountings of all funds and accounts

  • Develop effective assessments collections and accounts payable procedures

  • Manage Association’s fiscal records in accordance with recognized and acceptable standards

  • Perform monthly reserve transfer

  • Manage assets of the Association, maintaining all records and accounts

  • Prepare year end financial statements for accountant and taxes

  • Compile and send out all mailings concerning financial matters